5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Free vs Paid) Safe/Secure

As we know, WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating a website easily, without having technical knowledge. You worked hard in creating and customizing your website through WordPress, now you are worried about your website’s data. You are looking for the best plugin which can backup all your data without hassle.

Having a backup plugin installed to your WordPress site ensures that your data is secure and you don’t have to be worried about “what if I will lose the website’s data”. The best backup plugin is the one through which we can restore our website’s data easily. There are certain factors you need to look in a WordPress backup plugin so that you can choose the right plugin for your website.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Backup Plugin

Here are a couple of factors to consider before choosing a backup plugin for your WordPress site:

1. Automatic Backup

The first crucial thing in any backup plugin is to check whether it provides automatic backup or you have to do it manually. If the plugin does not have an automatic backup feature, it would be time-consuming for you to backup each time you add something new to your site.

2. Cloud Backup

Make sure the plugin will backup your website’s data in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Different plugins have different cloud backup options, make sure the selected plugin has the cloud storage of your choice.

3. Consider Migration

Migration is another feature to consider in a backup plugin because it is not about restoring your site but it is about migrating your site, which includes changing your domain name. Hence, make sure your plugin includes this feature.

4. Complete Backup

You need to select the plugin which provides you an option for complete backup, not the one which only backups your WordPress database.

5. Scheduled Backup

Scheduled backups make your work a bit easier. Through this feature, the plugin automatically backups your WordPress data based on the time you have scheduled.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

From the above factors, you can see what things to consider while selecting a backup plugin. Here are some of the best backup plugin for WordPress:

1. UpdraftPlus

At present, UpdraftPlus is the most popular plugin when we talk about backup plugins. It is the most rated and popular backup plugin. The plugin has more than 2 million downloads, hence you can expect the quality of this plugin.

In UpdraftPlus, you can also install its free version; however, the features of the free version would be limited. But, it helps you in simplifying your WordPress website’s backup process by providing you an automatic backup option. Here are pros, cons and the pricing structure of UpdraftPlus plugin so that you can know it in a better way:


  • Free Version: One of the best things about this popular plugin is that you can test it out in its free version. Its free version helps you in understanding the performance and features more precisely.
  • Automatic Backup: This is a very essential feature which reduces your worries regarding the backup of your site daily. The plugin provides you automatic backup so that you don’t miss out anything in case you lose your website’s data.
  • Scheduled Backup: Apart from automatic backups, you can also schedule the timing for backup.


  • Fewer Features in Free Version: The main disadvantage is that you miss out so many features in the free version.


  • Free Plan: Free of cost and comes with basic features
  • Personal Plan: $70 / year for up to 2 sites
  • Business Plan: $95 / year for up to 10 sites
  • Agency Plan: $145 / year for up to 35 sites
  • Enterprise Plan: $195 / year for unlimited sites

2. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is another backup WordPress plugin which is serving its customers since 2010. You can do everything in this plugin related to backup. Some of its features are, it has automatic backups, send your backup files, you can schedule backups, and easily restore files that you have backed up.

Through BackupBuddy, it will be easy for you to restore your entire website, your website’s theme, files, content, plugins, widgets and everything else. With every premium purchase, it will provide you BackupBuddy Stash Live storage of 1 GB. Here are pros, cons and the pricing structure of BackupBuddy so that you can about it in a more precise manner:


  • Stash Live Storage: With every plugin purchase in BackupBuddy, you will get Stash Live storage of 1 GB. This feature of BackupBuddy continuously backups your website’s database changes and new/modified posts.
  • Cloud Storage Service: Through this plugin, you can set up automatic full-site backup to top cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and many more.
  • Easy Restore & Migrate: BackupBuddy includes easy website’s data restore. And, you can have easy migration of your WordPress site.
  • Automatic & Scheduled Backups: BackupBuddy plugin will provide you automatic and scheduled backup service.


  • A bit difficult for Beginners: In this plugin, there are some features which are a bit difficult to understand for a complete beginner.


  • Blogger Plan: $80 / year for 1 site backup + 1 GB Stash Storage space + all other features
  • Freelancer Plan: $127 year for 10 site backup + 1 GB Stash Storage space + all other features
  • Gold Plan: $199 / year for unlimited site backup + 5 GB Stash Storage space + all other features

3. VaultPress (with Jetpack)

VaultPress plugin is by Automattic, the team behind WordPress.com. Hence, you can estimate its effectiveness. This plugin is one of the most popular backup and security plugins. This plugin keeps your site up-to-date with daily or real-time syncing.

VaultPress plugin will conduct a daily scan to your website so that you can easily find potential threats and repair them. If you find any malware through this plugin, you can fix them up just with a single click. Here are pros, cons and the pricing structure of VaultPress plugin so that you can know it in a better way:


  • Security Scans: The plugin offers daily security scans to identify malware in your website; hence it keeps your website secured. If you find any malware through this plugin, you can fix it just with a single click.
  • Easy Restoration: There will be an easy restoration of your backup through the VaultPress plugin. When you lose your site data, VaultPress would instantly restore it without any hassle.
  • Comes with Jetpack: VaultPress backup plugin comes with Jetpack or rather Jetpack plugin comes with VaultPress.


  • No Free Version: The disadvantage of the VaultPress plugin is that it is not available for free. Hence, if you want to try out its performance, you have to purchase it first. And, it can’t be bought separately from Jetpack.


  • Personal Plan: $39 / year for basic features.
  • Jetpack Premium Plan: $99 / year for basic + premium features.
  • Jetpack Professional Plan: $299 / year for basic + premium + advanced features.

4. BackWPup

There are many backup plugins that are free, but they have so many limitations. For example, they don’t provide a free backup of the entire site. However, through BackWPup plugin, you can backup your entire WordPress site in the free version itself.

Apart from entire website free backup, it can also optimize your website and repair your database errors. Through this plugin, you can backup a specific path of your WordPress website as per your needs. Here are pros, cons and the pricing structure of this plugin so that you can know about this in a better way:


  • Easy Backup: BackWPup plugin comes with easy backup feature and it is also effective in backing up your site file to multiple destinations.
  • Cloud Storage Service: This backup plugin comes with priority support and the ability to store in top cloud storage service providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Free Version: BackWPup plugin provides a free version too. And, the good thing is that it can back up the complete site in the free version itself. Hence, if you want to check out the performance of this plugin, then you can try out its free version.


  • High Price Plans: The pro plans of this plugin are a bit more pricy as compared to other backup plugins. And, if you will just rely on the free version, then you will miss out other features of site backup.


  • Free Plan: Free of cost and comes with basic features
  • Standard Plan: $69 / year for up to 1 sites
  • Business Plan: $119 / year for up to 5 sites
  • Developer Plan: $199 / year for up to 10 sites
  • Supreme Plan: $279 / year for up to 25 sites
  • Agency Plan: $349 / year for up to 100 sites

5. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress is another great backup plugin in WordPress through which you can have an easy backup of your website. The plugin does not require any setup configuration on our part; it is easy to get started. The great thing is it is an open-source plugin; anyone can install and use it. The plugin would take very little space and it won’t affect your website’s loading speed. Apart from these, you also get a community of people.

The community will reply to your questions and solve your queries regarding this plugin. The version of this plugin becomes very helpful to you when you only need backup services for your website. And, you don’t need to have coding or technical knowledge for this plugin. Here are pros, cons and the pricing structure of BackUpWordPress plugin so that you can know about it in a better way:


  • Beginner-friendly: The plugin can be very helpful to beginners because it does not require coding knowledge or advanced technical knowledge. The plugin is perfect for beginners because beginners only need backup service which can be availed from its free version.
  • Easy to Use: The plugin is easy to use and setup. It does not require high-end knowledge of programming and coding for getting started, all it needs is just a basic set up.
  • Free Version: If you don’t have a budget for spending money on a backup plugin, then this is for you. The plugin comes with a free basic version, which provides easy backup services.
  • Automatic Backup: The automatic backup feature in a plugin reduces our work for backing up the website regularly. This plugin offers an automatic backup feature by using which you can backup your website’s data automatically as per your needs.


  • No Restore/Migration Features: The plugin is good only for backup services, and not for restoration and migration features, it does not provide restoration and migration features.
  • Limited Features: Its free version has very limited features and the free version is ideal only for beginners who want just backup services. Even its paid version also has very limited features that Updraft’s free version provides.


  • Free Plan: Free of cost with basic features
  • Single-Site Plan: $29 / year
  • Multiple-Site Plan: $79 / year
  • Developer Plan: $129 / year

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best backup plugin for your WordPress site might sound a bit complex task.  The process gets more complicated when you are a complete beginner and can’t make the right choice. This is why we have discussed factors to consider before choosing a backup plugin and five best WordPress backup plugins.

If you are a complete beginner started a small website, then it is not advisable to spend your money in a premium version backup plugin. Instead, you should begin with the free version of the backup plugin, and once you find the necessity of pro features, then you can switch to the pro version.

From the above elaborated five best backup plugins for WordPress, you can check out the plans, pros, cons, and features of these plugins so that you choose the right plugin for your website’s data backup.


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