How To Hide Admin Bar In WordPress? (Manual and Plugin Instructions)

The WordPress Admin Bar is the name for the toolbar at the top of your site which is visible when you are logged in. It shows up both in the backend as well as the frontend which can create a lot of distraction while you are trying to evaluate your site’s design. This is why we have put together a short guide to help you hide the admin bar in WordPress.

How To Hide Admin Bar In WordPress?

Login to your WordPress websites, then navigate to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile. Here you will notice the option Show Toolbar When Viewing Site.

This is enabled by default but you can uncheck it to disable the functionality.

Once done, scroll down and click on the Update Profile button. Now, if you ever visit your website’s frontend whiled logged into WordPress, you won’t see the admin bar at top hogging up space.

Note: The discussed method will not remove the admin bar from the backend of the website.

So this is how you can hide the admin bar in WordPress. Quick and simple, right? However, if you are new to WordPress then you might benefit from a more detailed tutorial. This is why we have also prepared a full in-depth guide which discusses everything is step-by-step details for better comprehension.

An In-Depth Guide On How To Hide Admin Bar In WordPress

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress website and head on over to Users > Your Profile.

Step 2:

Click on the option and you will land on your user profile options page. Here you will notice the option – Show Toolbar when viewing site.

By default, this option is enabled which allows you to see the toolbar on your site’s frontend. Uncheck the checkbox will deactivate the option and the admin bar will be removed from the site’s frontend even when you are logged into WordPress.

Once done, hit the Update Profile button, and the changes will be applied to your site.

WordPress Hide Admin Bar Plugin

  • Hide Admin Bar – this is an opensource software by Shelby DeNike. This plugin works great very clean I am kind of surprised there isn’t more plugins that actually do this. You literally install and activate and that is it
  • Hide Admin Bar From Front End – this plugin is by Aftab Husain also open source so 100% free. Hasn’t been updated as much but still worked when we tested.

How Do I Customize My WordPress Admin Bar?

This may be something you want to do for various reasons. Sometimes you may have too much on your tool bar and want to get rid of stuff which is usually the main reason this is actually quite easy.

Install the Yoast plugin if you don’t have this it is a must for our websites. Not saying you can’t live without but it makes so many things much easier.


Now that you know how to get rid of your admin tool bar it is very easy. The other option if it is just getting in your way of seeing what your website looks like is to either log out of your current browser or use a different browser that you aren’t logged into.

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