10 Famous WordPress Sites (Best WordPress Examples)

WordPress is the best and cost-effective website and blogging content management system (CMS) present today. It is an open-source online platform which is written in PHP, using this platform one can create an eye-catchy and attractive website easily. The reason why WordPress is popular as compared to other website creation tools is that you don’t need any coding experience to create a website through it.

Famous WordPress Websites

WordPress includes so many plugins that make easy for you to customize and add different features & functionalities the way you want to. Here are some reasons why you should choose WordPress:

  • WordPress is simple, quick and easy to use
  • You won’t be charged for using the WordPress platform
  • It is a flexible platform which comes with tons of features and plugins
  • You have full ownership and control over your website

Best WordPress Website Examples

Are you curious to know about which top brands use the WordPress platform? Due to the effectiveness and simplicity of WordPress, there are many popular brands that use this website creation platform. So, here are some Famous WordPress Sites:

1. BBC America (bbcamerica.com)

BBC America is the popular American television network which is owned by BBC Studios and AMC Networks. The television network is very popular for its variety of programs which are related to lifestyle, comedy, science-fiction, movies, drama, etc.

From the interface of BBC America’s official website, it seems that the site is running on Thematic, which is a free WordPress theme. However, it might be possible that the website is running on a custom theme.

BBC America is getting on an average 1.25 million visitors to its website each month. The website is running on the dark skin background which is blog-like design and consists of large featured images. In short, the website includes all navigations and contents in a proper way hence it delivers the great user experience.

2. The New Yorker (newyorker.com)

The New Yorker is the popular weekly magazine which provides news on international affairs, arts, business, science, technology, and politics. The New Yorker’s magazine features commentary, journalism, criticism, fiction, essays, cartoons, poetry, etc.

The interface and layout of the website are neat and clean. This magazine site built on WordPress ranks No. 2887 globally and No. 677 in the United States. It is a very popular new & media site which gets on an average 25 million visitors each month.

Here users get the content based on the membership plan they have applied for. The website provides free content as blog posts, but to avail the benefit of premium content, you can subscribe for their membership plan.

3. Quartz (qz.com)

Quartz is the popular WordPress website related to news and media. The website was created to meet the requirements of the modern web. The purpose was to serve relevant and genuine information digitally.

The website uses eye-catchy and attractive layout. In the website, you will find different options with the headings: emails, editions, and become a member. You can access the relevant content by selecting the options from editions. It will provide you different editions of Quartz.

If you want to access the premium content of Quartz, then you can also become a premium member by paying $99.99 a year or $14.99 a month as a fee. On average, the Quartz website is getting the website traffic of 15 million visitors every month.

4. TIME (time.com)

Time is an American weekly news magazine and a new website which is published in New York City. Originally, TIME was found in the year 1923 and run by Henry Luce. It is one of the most widely read magazines in the world.

The website is mostly white in color, but it also consists of a lot of red colors. It uses red in its favicon, its logo and in the navigation options. In this website, you will find the latest content on almost all the categories. Some of the categories it includes are World, U.S., Politics, Science, Health, Tech, Entertainment, Living, History, Audio, Photography, Magazine, Videos, Press Room, and many others.

To get regular posts or updates to your mailbox, you are free to sign up for its newsletter. On average, the TIME website is getting the website traffic of 30 million visitors every month.

5. Facebook Newsroom (newsroom.fb.com)

Facebook is the top social media networking website in the world. But wait! Do you know this top social media networking website’s news blog is on WordPress? The blog is minimal and it has large image/video included in its slider system.

And, below the slider system with a large image/video there are is the list of different blog posts and news by facebook, which is titled as “Recent News and Announcements.” This is the simple and clean layout of the Facebook Newsroom website.

On the top, and below the Facebook Newsroom logo, there are different titles in the blog like Home, News, Company info, Media Gallery. Inside feed, etc. Each of these options includes a proper and clear arrangement of the content.

6. Wired (wired.com)

Wired is a popular magazine. The official website of Wired includes a lot of content. The layout of the website is clean and appealing. The website has different categories classified. For the latest updates about business, culture, gear, ideas, science, security and transportation, wired is the great source of information.

Wired is the blog site that publishes great content on different categories mentioned earlier. Apart from the free content, you can also subscribe to the Wired membership. After subscribing to the Wired membership, you will get unlimited access to Wired.com, ad-free browsing, the digital edition of the magazine and print subscription.

You would be able to take a subscription for one year. Talking about website visits, Wired.com gets on an average 25 million visitors every month.

7. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)

TechCrunch is another popular blog which is creating and is being used with the help of WordPress. It is the blog which posts content related to startups, business, science & technology, technical news, tech businesses & products and much more.

It is also available in other languages apart from English, like French, Japanese, and Chinese. TechCrunch blog was launched by Michael Arrington & Keith Teare in the year 2005. The theme has a white and clean background.

To get the best user experience on a mobile phone, you can also use its software available on the App Store and Google Play Store. On average, the traffic of the TechCrunch technology blog is 25 million visitors every month.

8. Vogue (vogue.com)

Vogue is a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine. The blog website of Vogue magazine is on the wordpress platform. In the official blog of Vogue, you will find content related to beauty, fashion, wedding, horoscope, wardrobe, news, and lifestyle.

We have tried to check out the theme of Vogue blog, but it seems that the company is using its customized theme. To get more updates from Vogue, you can subscribe to their email newsletter. At the time of newsletter subscription, you will get options for selecting the topics you would like to get updates of.

Apart from this, to access premium content from Vogue, you can also subscribe to their membership plans. The plans offer both type of content: printed and digital.

9. The Mozilla Blog (blog.mozilla.org)

The Mozilla Blog is the official blog of Mozilla Firefox company. In Mozilla’s blog, you will find content about Mozilla Firefox’s updates and stories. It is not just about Firefox’s updates, but contents are mix up of everything around the world.

However, the main category of the content is about online security, technology, and updates of the upcoming systems. To get regular updates from Mozilla, you can subscribe to their email newsletter for free. This will keep you updated without visiting the site. It seems that The Mozilla Blog uses Frontierline’s WordPress theme.

10. Angry Birds (angrybirds.com)

Angry Birds is the widely-known and popular video game. You must be exclaimed by knowing that this popular video gaming website is on the wordpress platform. In the official website of Angry Birds, you will find information only related to its video game.

As Angry Birds has recently released its movie, you will find all information about its latest movie, video game, animations, etc. The website also has a blog section where you will get regular updates of the company and its new games.

The website is very colorful and creative. Angry Birds official website is getting around 5 million visitors each month.

Final Thoughts

As you can see here that there are so many popular websites that use the wordpress platform. The reason why people prefer using WordPress is that it is really very easy to use and you don’t have to hassle with coding in this platform.

Hence, if you are planning to create any kind of website, whether it is a blog website, membership website, business website, or an eCommerce Store, then WordPress is one of the best and cost-effective website building platforms. With this platform, you would be able to create and customize the website as per your desire. So, here we have discussed Top Ten Famous WordPress Sites.


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