11 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Images play a vital role in any website. Whether your website users will revisit your website or not is highly based on your content quality and how you display that content. In a blog or website, image is a crucial part of the content. You might have researched thoroughly for your blog and added top-notch quality content on it, but if your blog does not contain any image, then it will not be attractive. Images grab the attention of your visitors and stick them to your blog or website.

WordPress Responsive Gallery Plugins

But, to display images on your website in the best manner, your WordPress website/blog needs best WordPress gallery plugins. Are you confused about selecting a good plugin for your WordPress gallery? Before selecting the gallery plugin for your WordPress website, you need to consider the following factors. These are the important factors you have to take into consideration before adding a gallery plugin to your WordPress:

A) Speed:

The first and most crucial factor is to check out the speed. Speed in loading not only affects the user experience, but it also affects your SEO strategy. Don’t just directly go with a gallery plugin with a great interface.

Even if you like that plugin, what you will do if it will increase your website bounce rate and degrade your search engine ranking? This factor becomes more important when you have a photography website.

B) Ease of use

The method of usage could vary from one plugin to another. Using a gallery plugin is not like just uploading images in bulk. Hence, you have to select the gallery plugin which is easy to use. Each plugin will have a different layout, columns, thumbnail sizes, etc.

The easier the plugin will be, the faster a user can work on the website’s photo or video galleries. If you are a complete beginner, you have to select the one which does not include complicated processes or coding knowledge.

C) Results

In the end, you want to select the plugin which has a great interface and which can provide a great user experience. You have to keep an ideal balance among the three: the speed, ease of use and the final output.

Results are the ones that your visitors will see. You have to know your visitors, their likes and dislikes and then provide results based on that because, if your visitors don’t get ideal user experience then it is not worth it.

wordpress gallery

Here we have considered all the above factors and prepared a list of best WordPress gallery plugins:

1. Envira Gallery

The number of gallery plugin in our list is Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery is a very popular plugin, it has a great rating of 4.5/5.0 and more than 30 thousand active installs on WordPress. Creating a new gallery in the Envira Gallery is very simple and easy. It has pre-built templates that can be customized easily.

Through Envira Gallery, you don’t have to hassle in building amazing galleries; you can build them in very less time and efforts. With great speed and tons of other features, this tool provides you more feature when you go with its premium membership.


  • Envira Gallery plugin comes with drop and drag builder, through which you can create beautiful photo and video galleries without putting hard efforts.
  • With the increase in the number of mobile users, it is very important to have a website with mobile-friendliness, if it does not have, then you are degrading your search engine rankings. By considering this factor, Envira provides you mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress galleries.
  • You can add a social media sharing button with the help of Envira Gallery which could make your content go viral. If your visitors will like your content, you will get more and more social shares.
  • Through the Envira Gallery plugin, you can also protect your images/videos by adding password protection and watermark.
  • It already provides you pre-built gallery templates. Hence, you can easily use those pre-built templates and customize your gallery as per your desire.

2. Modula

Modula WordPress gallery plugin is another great way to customize your images and videos as per your desire. This user-friendly gallery plugin is developed by Macho Themes through which you can create interesting photo/video galleries faster. Through the Modula plugin, you can easily make preview changes to your gallery.

It is the user-friendly plugin by using which you can create attractive and interesting photo and video galleries for your WordPress website. Here are some benefits and features of using Modula WordPress gallery plugin:


  • Through Modula plugin, you can create design custom grids and you can easily resize the images within the gallery section.
  • It comes with a feature of creating a light-box gallery with 6 different lightbox styles.
  • The plugin also provides you built-in social media sharing button which makes your visitors share your content easily.
  • You can also customize your gallery with CSS in the Modula plugin
  • In the premium version to Modula, you can easily add videos and access many other features as well.
  • There will be 12 built-in hover effects in the Modula Gallery Plugin.

3. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin is another popular plugin with more than 1 million active installs. In the free version of NextGEN Gallery, you will get two main gallery styles, slideshows and thumbnail galleries. Both of these gallery styles come with a wide option of customization.

And, in the premium version of NextGEN Gallery, you will get premium gallery display, pro lightbox display with an image commenting and social sharing. There are many more advanced features you can receive with the premium version. Here are some benefits and features of the NextGEN Gallery plugin:


  • This gallery plugin has E-commerce functionality which can help you in case you are selling photographs.
  • The plugin is fully customizable and it has clean admin interface.
  • You can create albums of galleries and slideshows of galleries as well in this plugin.
  • The premium version of NextGEN Gallery comes with numerous benefits such as, watermarking, image deep linking, etc.

4. Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery is another best WordPress gallery plugin. Foo Gallery plugin provides you drop and drag feature, which allows you to arrange and adjust the images based on your desire. Foo Gallery plugin comes up with lots of features.

The gallery plugin is responsive and it has multiple gallery templates. Another great feature it includes is NextGEN import. If you are using the NextGEN Gallery plugin at present, through this feature you can easily import your NextGEN’s data into Foo Gallery. You can also add custom CSS and shortcodes here. Here are some features and benefits of Foo Gallery:


  • Foo Gallery support for videos in galleries
  • It can provide you lazy loading feature to optimize your images
  • You can add amazing image loading effects
  • In the WordPress classic editor, this plugin adds a button so that you can select and add galleries quickly and easily.
  • It can provide you drop and drag functionality

5. Photo Gallery by WD

Photo Gallery by WD is another popular WordPress gallery plugin which you may use. Using this gallery plugin, you can create unlimited galleries and unlimited albums. The great feature of this plugin is that you can also create your galleries from the embedded videos.

Apart from this, it also provides numerous other features to make your website gallery attractive and beautiful. This plugin has E-commerce add-ons which can help you to sell your digital content from the website without any hassle. Here are some features and benefits of Photo Gallery by WD plugin:


  • This plugin provides you E-commerce add-on, which helps in selling the digital content from the website itself.
  • The plugin also has image watermarking and right-click protection
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Photo Gallery by WD also provides you the option to display Facebook albums.
  • It allows you to select from the wide variety of gallery templates.

6. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is another gallery plugin using which you can make your photo gallery beautiful and attractive your website visitors. Through Photo Gallery by Supsystic, you can create unlimited photo galleries by choosing from some templates available.

In this plugin, either you can use its free version or go for the pro version to unlock more features. If you are looking for a plugin that can import bulk images or import bulk social media images, then Photo Gallery by Supsystic plugin can help you out. To know this plugin better, let’s have a look at its features and benefits:


  • Through this plugin, you can easily import bulk images or social media images.
  • Add images through FTP, it is very helpful when you are working with so many different images.
  • The pro version allows you to display videos in your galleries, and you can also import directly from YouTube.
  • The pro version of Supsystic also provides pagination and image categories features.
  • In free version itself, you can add watermarks to your gallery.

7. WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus is the highly customizable multimedia plugin. The plugin is not just about a photo album, it is more than that. This plugin allows you to create albums and galleries of your choice. You can add multiple albums, photos, and videos using WP Photo Album Plus.

In this plugin, you will have full control over the display sizes, link from any image type, and metadata. Apart from this, it also provides features like front end uploads, bulk content upload, built-in lightbox overlay system, built-in Google Maps and a lot more.


  • You will have full control over the display sizes, link from any image type, metadata, etc.
  • The plugin allows you to upload your images or videos into your album in bulk.
  • It comes with built-in Google Maps to display the map based on the photo gpx EXIF data.
  • There are numerous other features like commenting system; you can moderate user upload & comments, widgets, full-size slideshows, etc.

8. Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid is another gallery plugin with tons of great features. By using this plugin, you can modernize the traditional galleries and create beautiful & attractive photo grids. Apart from WordPress, it also supports many other tools like Instagram, Flickr, NextGEN, Facebook, Real Media Library, YouTube, etc.

With the increase in the usage of mobiles, the number of mobile users is increased. By considering this, this plugin provides you a mobile-friendly and retina-ready interface. It has very easy customization.  Here are some benefits and features of Justified Image Grid plugin:


  • This plugin provides you numerous external services such as Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • You can make attractive photo grids through this plugin.
  • There is no free version available. To install this plugin, you have to buy it.

9. Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery is another useful gallery plugin that can be installed on your WordPress website. Apart from just showing photo galleries or video galleries on your website, through this plugin, you can also play music on your website. It comes with a great interface through which you can handle all the images, videos, audios, etc file types.

This plugin has not set any limit for uploading images and videos; you can upload an unlimited number of images and videos through this. And, you can create bunches of galleries, playlists, and other albums. Here are some benefits and features of Gmedia Gallery plugin:


  • The plugin provides mobile-friendly, responsive and user-friendly output.
  • It has drag and drop functionality
  • It allows you to upload unlimited images and videos to the gallery
  • It also has a music player and waveform for music so that you can play music on your website.

10. Everest Gallery Lite

Everest Gallery Lite is the free version of the premium plugin called Everest Gallery. The plugin comes with tons of amazing features and functionalities. This plugin offers many layouts which include grid layouts, and masonry layouts. The plugin offers many customization options and much more features in its premium version.

Everest Gallery Lite is fully responsive and you can also add your custom shortcode. This plugin is very popular for its more than 30 gallery layout options which you can make an amazing look of your gallery. Here are some features and benefits of Everest Gallery Lite:


  • It offers four different layouts: two pre-designed grid layouts and two pre-designed masonry layouts.
  • Everest Gallery Lite has drag and drop functionality, hence you can manage your gallery items and other functions using the drag and drop functionality.
  • It offers modern, responsive and mobile-friendly layout.
  • You can manage everything without having knowledge of coding or programming.

11. Photonic – Gallery, and Lightbox Plugin

Photonic is another great gallery wordpress plugin which is available for free. The plugin supports many external platforms like Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Google Photos, and Instagram. It allows you to display a gallery as per your desire and versatility. You may choose from square thumbnail grid, circle thumbnail grid, justified grid, Masonry, tiled Mosaic, and slideshows.

If you are worried about the lightbox scripts, then there is no need to worry here. This plugin has built-in support for the commonly used lightbox scripts. Some of them are Colorbox, Fancybox, Fancybox2, Fancybox3, Featherlight, Image lightbox, Magnific popup, Image Lightbox, Light case, etc. Here are some benefits and features of Photonic Gallery and Lightbox Plugin.


  • The plugin has good integration with third-party sources.
  • The gallery builder of Photonic can work with both the editors of WordPress: Classic Editor and Block Editor. Hence, you can select your favorite editor and work on gallery builder.
  • Photonic provides a wide option when it comes to displaying your gallery grids.

Final Thoughts

As we know, more and more websites are getting created using WordPress every day. Hence, the importance of all the aspects related to WordPress is increased, like, WordPress themes, WordPress hosting, WordPress plugins, etc. WordPress plugins can be used for different uses and website customizations.

Here we have discussed some of the best WordPress gallery plugins. Before selecting a gallery plugin, you have to consider its three main factors: the speed, ease of use and results. You need to select the gallery plugin which gets you all these three factors perfectly. The selection of gallery plugin is also based on whether it is free or premium. What features it provides in the free version and what advanced features it provides in the pro version.

We have considered these three factors and then filtered out some of the best gallery plugins. Among these eleven gallery plugins, we have ranked Envira in the first position because it is reliable and it includes many features that other plugins don’t provide.


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